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Welcome to the 16th « Collect-Hit » fair ; the international meeting place for collectors and lovers of antique toys and dolls, advertising objects, comics and by-products, barbie and accessories, old documents and collectible posters… Again in 2016: ‘Vintage World’

Come & visit this amazing fair

Free parking

Fore more information, visit our website : www.toymarket.eu

Sunday 2nd October 2016


Brussels Kart expo has a perfect location at the strategic junction of E40 Oostende-Brussels and the ring around Brussels

BRUSSELs KART EXPO, your ideal location for:

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Fairs and specialized fairs for a particular profession
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Events & company events
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Products launches
Brussels Kart Expo has a perfect location at the strategic junction of E40 Oostende-Brussels and the ring around Brussels
You can rent our expo halls, nude surface, and arrange them the way you want.
Characterized by a dark green roof construction with only 6 pillars, this offers you nothing but advantages. Each expo hall has got a central higher part with 2 lower mezzanines.

The Expo Halls 1 and 2 are bathed in natural light, which is greatly appreciated by the exhibition organizers for their exhibitors and visitors. The Expo Hall 3 adjacent to the Expo Hall 2 is on the contrary like a “black box” (no daylight)

Our expo halls have no basement and trucks are allowed to enter. This contributes to a quick assembly and disassembly of your event and therefore less rental time. The three expo halls are adjacent

Expo Hall 1 = 3000m²
Expo Hall 2 = 4800m²
Expo Hall 3 = 825m²
total area of ​​8825m² = (long interval between 200m² expo Hall 1 and 2)

Each feature of Expo Halls:

  • Powerful electric infrastructure
  • Good heating
  • Suspension possibilities with several strong attachment points can each bear a heavy load
  • Modern sanitary facilities
  • Free providers
  • We adapt ourselves to your project (from 3000m² to 8825m²)
  • Possibility to install a tent next to the Expo Hall 2, giving you an additional intake in m² (up to approximately 13000m²) while still maintaining a huge parking lot.

We offer a huge adjacent parking lot up to 2500 spots.
This is an additional asset for the success of your event or your exhibition.